Legatum Cellars Wine List

Syrah 2017

– released in early May 2018. Although the Syrah grape is grown all over the world, our grapes were from Mesa County, Colorado. This is a full -bodied, dry, Syrah full of fruit flavors and just a hint of leather on the back end.

Cabernet Franc 2015

One of our first year products. This lovely Franc has aged gracefully on French Oak and then to its bottle. Produced from grapes grown on the western slope of Colorado, it is considered off-dry as it has such a smooth finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

obviously not produced in-house this wonderful estate wine is really unique. Rich in flavor with just a slight effervescence, this is a real pallet pleaser.

Tempranillo 2016

Squeezed from the juice of Colorado grapes, this Spanish varietal has been grown in Colorado for a short three years. It migrated from Northern California but originated in the Rioja Region of Spain. True to its heritage it is spicy and flavorful.

Pinot Noir 2009

Also a western Colorado estate wine, this is a fine Pinot. Light and lovely, this Pinot has a smoky note acquired from its 5 plus years of oak barrel aging.

Riesling 2015

Another first year product from Western Colorado grapes, we opted to let this fruity favorite ferment to dry. Totally unique, and sure to please on a warm summer day on the patio.

Albarino 2017

A new comer to the Colorado wine – growing scene, this fruity white wine is a dry that even sweet lovers enjoy.

Heirloom White 2016

As local as it gets. The grapes for this white blend were all grown right here at the Vineyard at Willow Glen. Sweetened by the Cayuga White, mellowed by the Riesling and made unique by the Viognier this is a wine for multiple pallets.

Muscat Blanc 2017

By request we brought these grapes in from western Colorado this past fall to satisfy your sweet tooth. Most commonly named Muscato, come taste the subtle difference.

Franc & Jack 2015

A happy accident. This fun blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc has a distinctive flavor due to the fact that the Sauv was aged in Jack Daniels Whiskey barrel oak.

Franc & Re-Jack 2015

A family challenge. After tasting the Franc & Jack the family suggested we put the blend back on the oak. Rising to the challenge provided a smokier aroma and smooth finish. Both are in very short supply.

Sweet Caress 2016

Our bright and fruity Cayuga White produced from grapes grown right here at Willow Glen. Named in memory of a very special little boy, stop by and ask for the whole story. Also limited in quantity so pray for a good 2018 harvest. French Kiss 2016 – a sweet blend of Chardonnay, Muscat, Riesling and peach. A very few bottles are left of this batch but hopefully a new batch will be available the first part of June.

Crosse Eyed 2016

This rose is a blend of Merlot and LaCrosse. The 2016 LaCrosse was an earthy brew and the Merlot adds a fruity punch to this blend. Homestead Red 2016 – a wonderful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo. This unique blend has such an interesting mix of flavors that it pairs well with virtually anything you place on the table.

Chambourcin Ltd 2017

This lovely wine captivates the senses. The deep purple color delights the eye while the fruit tickles the nose and thrills the tongue. Ltd because we only produced a small batch.

Nana’s Holiday Tribute 2016

Our holiday white. This one has family tradition in every sip. Produced in small quantities for release just before Thanksgiving each year. Chardonnay 2016 – A pleasant surprise offering. These grapes were grown right here in Fremont County at the prison. Lightly oaked and unfiltered.


On Scenic Highway 115 between Florence and Canon City Colorado
1704 Willow St., Canon City, Colorado 81212

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